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Veri good job Dylan, I love how this turned out!

Really nice cartoon! :) glad to see you making new stuff again

funymony responds:

Thanks dude! :D

I'm excited! I hope to make some good toons these upcoming months.

Really short but SUPER GOOD!
I really love the subtle amber glowy effect! Keep it up!

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Very fun little game good job! :D

If I didn't know any better I would honestly think this was stolen code from INK which has a similar game play mechanic but INK actually feels polished and is a full game, this feels more patched together in my opinion. It's too similar and even though it's supposed to be like a endless runner the mechanic is just too similar to me.

I would just say try and come up with some new game mechanics to use, you seem to be alright at coding so just use that on a more original idea.

I'm not trying to be harsh in any way just saying something more original would probably be more popular! Thanks for reading my review.

JmPrsh153 responds:

Hey thanks yeh i basically used INk as a reference because i was a big fan and i wanted to see how well i could replicate its mechanic but in an endless runner game. INK was made in GameMaker whereas i use Unity so i was up for the challenge :)

I will be updating the game at some point but im off for 2 weeks so im unable to make changes untill i get back :/

Its really fun! If it comes out on iPhone I'll have to get it!

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Sounds great! I would love to use this for a little game I'm making if that's ok!


Sylentium responds:

Sure thing.

This is great! May I use this for a little game I'm making?


finicalprickle responds:


Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Love this so much! :D

Werll drawn I love the line art and the cell shading keep it up! :D

I love it! So many Newgrounds people and references and the Undertale theme fits so well! Thanks for including me too! :D


ScepterDPinoy responds:

You're welcome!

Hi I make stuff

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